• Unleash your dog's style with an on-trend Tie-on Bandana!

    Designed with convenience in mind, this versatile bandana option will add to your dog's style and fashion, featuring long tie-ends that provide a secure and adjustable fitting. Choose from a wide range of fabrics, patterns, and colours. Our tie-on bandanas are a timeless accessory that will add fashion, charm, style, and flair to any dogs wardrobe.

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  • example image of a dog bandana to illustrate a snap on dog bandana on white background

    Snap-on some style with our easy & stylish Snap-on Bandanas!

    Looking for a hassle-free style then our snap-on dog bandanas are the perfect choice. These bandanas are equipped with three sturdy snap buttons that easily and securely attach around your dog's neck. With no knots to tie, you can effortlessly switch between different bandanas to suit any occasion or mood, ensuring your dog stays fashionable and comfortable at all times.

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  • example image of a dog bandana to illustrate a over-collar dog bandana

    The ultimate, convenient, fashion accessory - Over-collar Bandanas!

    Our over-collar dog bandanas combine fashion and functionality. These bandanas feature a sleeve design that easily slips over your dog's existing collar for convenience. The bandana can be positioned front, side, or back of your dogs neck. A stylish and practical accessory, that effortlessly enhances your dog's look, ensuring they're on-point at all times.

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Exclusive Heritage Dog Bandanas

Experience the perfect mix of style and comfort with our exclusive heritage dog bandanas, crafted for the discerning pet owner.

Tailored Luxury: Personalised Embroidery available on all Dog Bandanas and Toys

Give your dog's bandana a distinctive, personalised look, by adding their name or initials with smart embroidery, for just a £6!

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